Cold weather & All-Weather tyres

Cold weather & All-Weather tyres

We’ve all noticed it: Winters seem to be getting more extreme and lasting longer. Winter presents some of the most challenging driving conditions, with roads likely to be wet or covered with snow or ice. Have you considered fitting Cold Weather tyres? Maybe you should…

Cold Weather tyres vs. Summer tyres

At the forefront of most drivers’ minds is how to improve their car’s safety in hazardous weather. Cold Weather tyres not only improve safety, they also shorten braking distances and increase performance. Remember, Summer tyres are not designed to be used in cold weather. At cool temperatures, Summer tyres are less effective on all types of road surfaces. Cold Weather tyres are made of a special rubber compound suited to these low temperatures and unlike Summer tyres, they do not harden in the cold, which increases their performance and grip.

Improves safety and braking distance

It’s important to stay in control when you feel responsible for everyone in your car. Did you skid on the ice or snow in the last cold snap or find yourself unable to stop? Losing control of your car is not only incredibly scary, but it can also be very dangerous. Improve your grip and safety and reduce the likelihood of finding yourself in a similar situation this Winter by switching to Cold Weather tyres to get you through the season. The tread and high proportion of natural rubber in Cold Weather tyres reduces braking distances by up to 50%. The differences can be startling: a typical car travelling at just 50km/h on snow will take 48m to come to a halt with Summer tyres – a scary 24m more than if the same car is equipped with Cold Weather tyres.

When to fit them

Cold Weather tyres such, are not just for driving in the snow. They are specially designed for a wide range of wintry conditions such as damp and wet roads as well as snow and ice. Contrary to popular belief, Cold Weather tyres do not wear more quickly than summer tyres so make sure you fit them early to enjoy maximum benefits. It is also recommended that you fit 4 Cold Weather tyres for optimum safety. As the cold weather approaches don’t be caught out, switch to Cold Weather tyres and drive in confidence.

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