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Michelin tyre Academy

Michelin tyre Academy

In 2014, our Workshop manager George, completed the Michelin tyre academy. He was and still is to this day the only tyre technician in Scotland to have been selected for this by the world leading brand. 

The academy was held at Michelin's training centre at Stoke on Trent and  would involve in-depth training in customer service & workshop practices along with technical knowlodge. 

Hunter Four Wheel Alignment

Hunter Four Wheel Alignment

The UK sadly lags behind much of the rest of the world not only in terms of the number and quality of professional Wheel Alignment Services but also in the level of understanding motorists have about the need for correct Alignment and its importance.

Hunter Four Wheel Alignment

The essential service !

By having your wheel alignment checked every 12 - 15.000 miles you can.....

Reduce tyre wear.

Reduce fuel consumption.

Save money and the environment.

Improve vehicle handling.

Ensure safer driving.

Our wheel alignment centre is one of the best in the north, we have invested in Hunter equipment for its pin point accuracy and over many years built up our reputation as being one of the best in our area.

Laufenn Winter and All Season tyres in stock

Laufenn Winter and All Season tyres in stock

Laufenn tyre is manufactured by world leading brand Hankook.
The new All Weather tyre offers the customer not only enhanced levels of grip and safety but excellent value for money.
The G FIT 4S is the ideal choice for drivers looking for exceptional performance, value and safety all year-round, whatever the weather.
A tread pattern that guarantees optimum performance throughout the year, whatever the weather.
A semi-groove design with sipes of various shapes to improve grip and steering performance in any weather conditions.
A cutting-edge silica compound that provides improved performance on wet and snowy roads.
G FIT 4S embraces new technology for safe and comfortable driving in all weather conditions
Get ready for winter with Yokohama

Get ready for winter with Yokohama

The Yokohama BluEarth 4S AW21 is a Premium Touring All Season tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

The BluEarth-4S AW21 incorporates Yokohama’s latest winter-tyre technologies to provide drivers with outstanding performance on icy and snowy winter roads as well as excellent dry and wet performance under more normal driving conditions. The tyre also features a newly developed tread pattern that features an optimal balance of edge area and surface contact area.


The  Yokohama BluEarth V905 W.Drive is a winter tyre which provides you with stability on snow and ice.

The tyre features a special tread pattern to enhance water drainage to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. It also features a new compound which includes various materials, including Micro Silica and orange oil, for a high level of performance on snowy and wet roads, as well as on icy surfaces. 


Great range in stock at GT Tyres Forres.



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